1. Member of the East Africa Kennel Club.
  2. Member of the East Africa German Shepherd Dog League.
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Welcome to Kennels vom Ruai, home of the Companion Dog. We breed and train dogs for Security, personal protection and companionship. We are passionate about these dogs for their intelligence, beauty, masculinity and wide capabilities.

We also offer Kennel Boarding services to all dog breeds, for people who wish to travel and cannot take their dogs along with them.

We are registered members of the East Africa Kennel Club, and the East Africa German Shepherd Dog League, hence we adhere to the rules and regulations of the two organisations, and by extension to the rules and regulations of the WUSV.

We are active participants in Dog training seminars by international trainers and judges to widen our scope and knowledge in dog training and breeding practices. We believe in modern positive reinforcement training methods for all dogs and that every dog must be trained. We participate in dog shows and working trials to show what our dogs are made of. We believe every dog with a ‘Ruai’ prefix in its registration name is a quality dog. You may call us Ruai Kennels or Kennels vom Ruai, we are masters in the art of dog breeding and training.

OUR MISSION: To breed and train the perfect dog for companionship and security service.

OUR VISION: To be the breeder and trainer of choice for working Dogs.           
• Professional breeding practice.
• Modern and Responsible training practice.
• Upholding and maintenance of breed standards.
• Participation in shows and working trials.
• Team spirit and team work.
• Passion for Dogs.
• Honesty.

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