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Dog Training

Will your guard dog protect your family or property from bad guys when time calls for it?

The ability of your guard dog to save your family or property if attacked lies in your dog’s bloodline as much as it lies in his training. These two go together, and there exists a 95% chance that your guard dog of superior guarding bloodline will not fight the bad fellows if he is not properly trained. Neither will your guard dog from poor bloodlines however much you may train him. We must also accept the existence of bad trainers and bad or outdated training methods that do not produce results.

This therefore means that just like proper selection of pedigree lines in breeding, dog training is not to be taken lightly. A good untrained dog is comparable to a medical doctor who never attended school. Kennels vom Ruai heavily invests in dog training in order to reap their maximum potential of service delivery for ourselves and our customers. Proper dog training requires good trainers with good experience, proper equipment and time. Dogs have varied abilities. Not all puppies from one litter will be equal, so it is necessary to select which puppies to train for what job.

Training starts at an early age of 8 weeks by taking the puppy through socialization classes. We train obedience and protection at the right ages using modern positive reinforcement training methods. We participate in obedience competitions and working trials to maintain, if not to improve our skills and asses our level of competence. We also help to organize high level training seminars by international trainers and judges.

We engage our experienced trainers in all training classes and also offer trainee programmes to beginners in various fields of training to learn and gain experience. 

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