1. Member of the East Africa Kennel Club.
  2. Member of the East Africa German Shepherd Dog League.
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Puppies for sale

Looking for a well-bred German shepherd or Rottweiler puppy?

Kennels Vom Ruai believes every litter must be bred with a purpose. Any breeding pair must be carefully selected and must complement each other in order to produce the correct litter that will fulfill the desired purpose, which may be security or protection, show ring, or pet. We breed from dogs of correct temperament and drive, with sufficient veterinary checks and approvals and from intended pedigree lines. Our puppies are micro chipped and registered with East Africa Kennel Club, and come with a five generation pedigree.

In maintainance of international breed standards, we believe that all dogs that bear our kennel name are in essence our ambassadors to the world. We hope our customers will take utmost care of the dogs they get from us, and will subject them to professional training at the right ages. We guarantee you will enjoy the company and service of our dogs, and should you have any complaint, please don’t hesitate to bring it up with us. Should you for a reason want to dispose the dogs, we request you will bring them back to us.

Our dogs are not to be kept locked up in kennels or in backyards all day. They are active dogs which will take up a chunk of your time in playing, walking, training and grooming. If you can’t spare that time for the dog, then please don’t buy one, because you will end up a frustrated pair. Our honest advice is, if you won’t be able to give a dog the love he deserves, don’t buy a dog.


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